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Apple iPad

$43.20 Our Price

$540.00 Retail

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92% Savings
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Dynamic and versatile, the Apple iPad is all that you need to go completely digital - it is a laptop, iPod, and GPS navigator in one! Enjoy watching movies, sitcoms and videos on this 9.7-inch iPad, which gives a crisp and crystal clear display (1024x768 resolution). And the Multi-Touch screen of this Apple tablet PC is super responsive, making navigation a breeze. No matter how you hold your iPad, it always gives you an incredible display, thanks to its 178-degree viewing angle. Get the fastest Wi-Fi networks with this 9.7-inch iPad, and browse through the web with amazing speed. Featuring 3G support, this Apple tablet PC can be customized with nearly 140,000 applications for social networking, music, games, or even business. You can carry around your entire bookcase with you, as this iPad functions as an eReader. So wherever you go, take your world with you in the slim and sleek Apple iPad.